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Founded by a Registered Court Interpreter, Koy Saephan, who came to this country as a refugee, the mission of Excel is to help clients working with limited English proficient individuals and families to overcome language barriers, and to connect with them effectively, through the assistance of culturally aware and linguistically qualified interpreters and translators.

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Koy’s professional interpreting career began in 1999 when she became the first Court Interpreter in the Iu-Mien language. The Iu-Mien people in the U.S. are from Laos; with a population of fewer than 50,000 in the U.S. She received her B.A. in Literature from UCLA in 1996, worked in education for a few years and studied law for over two years. As a seasoned interpreter with a wide range of experience, Koy believes she can make broader impact in the community through her work in the language industry. After ten years as a full time employee for California Courts, Koy decided to launch Excel Interpreting Interpreting & Translating in 2010. Since her early college years, Koy has made civic engagement and community work an important part of her journey. For the last nine years, Koy has been a board member for Lao Family Community Development, Inc., a non-profit with offices in San Pablo, Oakland and Sacramento.

Things that we value

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Successful Outcomes

One size does not fit all. It is not enough that interpreters are qualified. To ensure success, we work diligently to vet our pool of candidates by matching the right linguist with the proper level of certification and experience - to the needs of a particular interpretation or translation project.

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We place a lot of emphasis and pride on our timely responsiveness to our clients. We take seriously our responsibility to follow up, whether it is for a simple quote, concerning an issue or going the extra mile to meet the demands of a last minute request.

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Quality & Integrity

The quality of language interpreters and translators plays a critical role in successful outcomes when you are connecting with your clients. As such, we approach each interpreting or translating project with dedication, commitment and the highest standards of services.

Our team

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Koy Wong Jay


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Angela Zabel

Vendor Relations

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Laurie Zimmer

Translation Manager

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Sequwia Warner

Translation Coordinator

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Adelina Past

Scheduling Manager

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Namneet Gill

Scheduling Coordinator

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Erin Seeley

Scheduling Coordinator

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Gloria Grijalva

Compliance Specialist

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Ken Saephan

Billing Manager

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MJ Iresare

Billing Specialist

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Shirley Serrano

Billing Specialist

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Mandi Saeteun


Our home is in California

We are a Sacramento based, California focused language company providing 225 languages across the language spectrum. In our network are 7000 local interpreters and translators from across the state. We can help you and your clients with our services, regardless of your location.

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