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Excel Interpreting Telephonic Services

Telephone interpreting is a great alternative when your need is time sensitive and/or when an in-person interpreter is not available. Offering over 225 languages, 7 days a week, our reach is global, immediate and easy to access. Our connect time is excellent and our price points are competitive.

Why choose Excel?

We make it easy for you to connect with your client, from any location, anytime around the world

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Great connect times

Connect times for our on-demand telephonic interpreting service is a range; at fast as 10 seconds per call.

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Competitive pricing

We offer flexible rates for both on-demand immediate connection and pre-scheduled, specialized requests.

Diverse industries icon

A wide range of industries

Our individualized services include social services, education, government, medical, legal industries and more.

225 languages icon

Offering 225 languages

Offering common and rare languages with over two hundred and twenty-five languages across the language spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I know need a court certified foreign language interpreter?

    Currently, the law requires the use of California state licensed, certified interpreters for most legal and medical interpreting assignments. While hiring a court certified interpreter is ideal in every legal related situation; it is not always practical. It may be cost prohibitive or there may not be an interpreter available altogether. Choosing the appropriate level of certification will depend on the individual job or the requesting party. If you are not sure what you are doing, working with a respected; transparent language service provider (LSP) can make a huge difference. A skilled LSP will ask the right questions and guide you and your clients to successful outcomes.

  • 2. What industries do you cover?

    Our interpreters are capable of general as well as industry-specific subjects. Our extensive network of technical interpretation encompass specialty fields including legal, healthcare, education, social services and business. Feel feel to reach out to us for additional questions you have concerning a special project.

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